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Precision acrylic cutting
Precision acrylic cutting

MEDIUM DENSITY FIBREBOARD:   Great for prototypes and all kinds of projects as it produces a clean accurate cut.

PREMIUM BIRCH PLYWOOD: Cuts well and can be used for decorative crafts as it show the wood grain and can be finished  by varnish, stain and all wood finishing products.

CLEAR ACRYLIC:   Can be laser cut and engraved very easily. Cast acrylic engraves a milky white colour that looks great with a darker coloured background….can be used for  industrial, commercial and domestic signage.    

Other materials that can be  laser cut ….

*Coloured Acrylic





These can have very many uses that include:

*Industrial precision cutting

*Hobby work

*Design Prototypes

*School Projects, great shapes for kids to paint and decorate

*Your designs, your file….we cut!!

We offer laser cutting and Engraving in London and Surrey

We can also offer engraving, from decorative and industrial labels to functional house signs.

Just like our laser cutting, a wide variety of materials can be engraved….with varying results.

Wood is excellent to engrave and cut as it give a great contrast between the natural wood surface and the dark engraving.

We can  laser engrave acrylic laminate for outdoor and indoor signs and labels in a wide colour range.

Clear acrylic is also easily engraved but needs a contrasting background for it to be seen properly.

Metals including stainless steel and brass can be permanently marked by using a coloured spray which is then burnt onto the metal. This looks stunning and is a very long lasting mark in all weathers.

Laser Cutting and Engraving in London and Surrey

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