Your design

Many people including hobbyists, designers and engineers are more than capable in designing their own projects but then find it hard to get their project cut and to life.

Here at we will accept your designs from coreldraw or similar program and cut it for you. Design it and save in a CDR file format so it can be tweaked if need be and email it to us or if you’re near us….pop in.

There are a few rules to remember about material selection:-

Nothing can be cut that is chlorine based such as PVC as it gives off toxic fumes.

Files such as CDR which is a recognised format in the industry or DXF (auto-cad) are the best to use.

Laser ply up to 8mm can be cut

Acrylic to 10mm can be cut

Paper, card, felt fabric can all be cut….please enquire for details.


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